LaSalle invites you to engage as you like. For many LaSallers, that means deep inquiry into the Bible and other pressing topics. We offer several classes for folks to study the Word and ponder its relevance to all sorts of facets of life. These classes are safe, inclusive spaces; designed for doubters and believers alike. Join us.

Bread for the Journey

Bread for the Journey is a gathering that focuses on faith and action, Bible study and prayer, thoughtful reflection and community-building. The name "Bread for the Journey" reminds us we are on a journey – individually and together. One basic need for that process is God's nourishment of soul and spirit. For more details or to be placed on the group's email list, contact Annette Huizenga.

Word in the World

All are welcome to this open Bible study that meets during the 11 am worship gathering. Bibles are provided and no preparation is needed. The class will be doing an overview of the Bible (Genesis through Revelation) and will also have a video and study guide. There will be 12 lessons. The overarching theme is HOPE, as we remember that Jesus is our hope because of his death and resurrection. Email Pastor Oreon if interested.