Bones & Beauty: A Promise to Keep

The Good Shepherd window rises high above the sanctuary of LaSalle Street Church. It was a very intentional message for all who might enter. Through a promise of morning light, streaming in from the expanse of window, Jesus Christ tends to us, his flock. God cares tenderly for this church and for this city.

As children of God, we recognize our responsibility to carry the mercy of our Good Shepherd to those around us. As we restore and fortify the buildings where people meet people, and where people meet God, we look forward to expanding LaSalle’s ministries and those we nurture at Cornerstone Center. 

Guide to Gifting

As you consider your gift to this capital campaign, please reflect on these four questions:

1. Have you asked God to show you how the Holy Spirit can use your resources to make a lasting difference in the lives of others and in the life of the church?
2. Have you sought God’s direction for the specific amount you should give?
3. Does the amount you have chosen energize or challenge you?
4. Are you at peace with your decision, and have you conferred with those who might be affected by your decision? 

When you've considered your gift, fill out the form below.

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Designation of your gifts by using a marked giving envelope is suggested so that your specific intentions are carried out and will remain completely confidential.

Please Note: Your commitment is not legally binding. Should your financial or economic circumstances change, you may revise your commitment at any time. Please notify Deb Maloney of a changed commitment. This will help us make wise decisions about the future scope and timing of our building project.