Living out the Word

Jesus came to save communities – really. The notion that it's just you and Jesus is incomplete. Jesus told people to go home and “tell your friends what God has done". He told the man healed from possession to stay where he lived so he could witness to his neighbors. He told the forgiven woman to return home, and he sent the 70 out “two by two” into the surrounding villages. Jesus was clear: life with God is a public affair. The changes God makes in us are like a stone thrown into the water: the ripples move outward in ever widening circles.

Our community life at LaSalle is found not only inside the sanctuary but outside in community parks as we partner with our alderman and neighborhood groups to bring jazz on summer nights. It’s found in the art projects outside Cornerstone Center as folks head toward the Old Town Art Fair. It's found as we make a Good Friday pilgrimage to sites where lives were cut short by violence. It's found when we witness and work for the coming Kingdom of God, dining weekly alongside the hungry and homeless or visiting with local senior citizens.

Most of the time we just have a good time with others and we think the ripples please God.

Join us. Engage with us. Help fix meals at Breaking Bread on Wednesday nights, or play music while others dine.  Or watch for opportunities to drum with us along the sidewalk, make paper maché birds in the park, sing in the gospel choir on a hot day or listen to cool jazz in the evening. It’s fun. And you’ll definitely see the presence of Jesus around you.

LaSalle Street Church is the Lead Agency for the Near North Unity Program (NNUP) which is committed to promoting and strengthening community cohesion in our neighborhood. Learn more about how NNUP and LSC engage in community here at: