Will you join us in fasting this Saturday, March 23?

A Note from Pastor Laura

The eight weeks preceding Palm Sunday is traditionally viewed as a time for examining ourselves spiritually. It is a window of time to consider our attachments and our affections. Lent asks the questions: What has a hold on our heart? Where are we seeking affirmation and comfort? To what is God calling us to pay attention?

To answer those questions, disciples have often used the spiritual practice of fasting. At its simplest explanation, to fast is simply abstaining from food, drink, or both for a period of time. Of course, we can also fast or abstain from various habits in our lives - fasting from television, social media, eating out, or something of the sort. The point of fasting isn’t self-incrimination, it's awareness.

You likely remember that Jesus began his ministry with a 40-day window of fasting in the desert (Matthew 4). It was a time of radical dependence and trust. Jesus emerges from that fast with a clarity of vision and call that leads him immediately into non-stop teaching and healing. It was clear too that Jesus expected his followers to fast on some occasions as well (Matthew 6:16).

As a community, I urge us to try fasting from food for a 24-hour window this Saturday, March 23. Our worship service the next day, March 24, will include time for us to break the fast together. (Lightly of course, we will have bread and fruit during the service, and likely all have large breakfasts later!) Perhaps you can join us in this? Maybe you will be able to abstain from food throughout all of Saturday, or perhaps you can skip at least dinner that evening. Lift your intention before the Lord and listen to what God has for you.

I know that it will be a powerful experience to come before the Lord hungry. Our physical hunger is an echo of our deeper ache for God. I also know that Jesus does his work in people who know they need him. Our fast together will be a time to reveal our hunger for God and our prayer that we ask him to do his work in us and in our church. 


Check out this helpful guide for more information and more details on how to fast.

I look forward with great anticipation to experiencing the Lord with you in worship, 

Pastor Laura