Connect with us

Looking for a way to connect and participate? We have a number of events, activities and volunteer opportunities for you to be a part of. Everything from small dinners in your area of the city to the church softball team to theme-oriented discussions to workshops and classes – we've got a place for you. View our calendar to find upcoming events or learn about specific volunteer opportunities by contacting Oreon Trickey, Associate Pastor of Congregational Life. 

Small Groups

A vital part of our faith community is our network of small groups. Small groups are being formed each month and include believers all over the Chicago area.

Please contact Pastor Oreon, Associate Pastor of Congregational Life, if you are interested in joining or leading a small group.


“Church Membership” can sound heavy and onerous to some of us. To others the phrase seems quaint, antiquated even.

At LaSalle we see church membership as a deeper expression of our shared community life. Church membership means you have some “skin in the game”. We count on our members to give life to our vision; to provide leadership as elders, teachers and leaders; and to make Christ visible in word and deed.

To discover when our next membership class will be held, contact Pastor Oreon.