Beliefs can be a scary thing to talk about. So many people have experienced “believing the right thing” as a means to determine who’s in and who’s out. Many of us know what it feels like to ask the uncomfortable question. At LaSalle, we believe in the power of doubt and questions, just as we believe in the power of faith. We see belief as a dynamic thing that’s ultimately between you and God. No one is going to investigate your beliefs at the door. We try to continually ask new questions, see things from new perspectives and – ultimately – allow God to teach us new lessons as we learn from Jesus, from our lives and from each other. We hope you’ll join us as you are, wherever you are right now.

Our Core Beliefs

We are focused on the grace and work of Jesus Christ.

We are committed to our turf.

We are committed to the poor.

We are a relational church.

We are on an inward and outward journey.

We are committed to lay ministry.

We pursue holistic ministry.

We are committed to bridge building.

We recognize men and women in leadership together.

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LaSalle Street Church Mission Statement

LaSalle Street Church seeks to be a diverse community that worships Jesus Christ and responds to His claims and call by pursuing authentic relationships, genuine service with others, and participation in the broader Christian church.

-- Adopted by Elder Board September 2004