Why Give?

What if we told you that right now you have a super-power that is capable of improving almost every aspect of your life?  We literally flourish when we use this power. Researchers tell us when we exercise this power we have increased energy, empathy and happiness. In fact, studies show that on the five key indicators of wellbeing, people who regularly use this power score significantly higher than those who don’t.

That power is…wait for it….Generosity. Yep. That’s right. Generosity.

The benefits of a generous life are demonstrative, verifiable and authentic. And that superpower is just waiting to be used. At the end of the day we seem to be hard-wired to give. That’s the way God created us. God, the original giver, the one who held nothing back invites us to participate in the joy of giving.

But how much? That’s up to you. While there is a rich history on tithing (giving 10%) throughout the Bible we recognize that there are some seasons in our lives where 10% is aspirational and then for some of us there are seasons when 10% is the minimum of what the Lord has blessed us to give.

The most important thing is to be prayerful. And intentional. Generosity doesn’t just happen. It’s a focused and disciplined way of living out our response to God’s grace in our lives. So, prayerfully look at what you’ve been given. Think about how the Lord has blessed you and enriched your life. And then, using the calculator on this page, get intentional!