Sunday mornings. 9:00 & 11:30 AM. 1136 N. LaSalle St.

An 18th century hymn writer asked, “What language can I borrow to thank thee dearest friend?” He was pulled up short by the magnificence, glory and wonder of Jesus. How do we speak of the God who is always beyond us yet manifested in the person of Christ? Each week in our worship services, we're humbled by our limited knowledge and inadequate words as we strive to communicate the splendor of the Living God. From week to week, we incorporate and sing God’s glory through the language and rhythm of the world. We express God’s words through shadow puppets, art canvases and glistening banners. We acknowledge God’s presence through liturgies of candle lighting, incense burning and earthy elements. But we know that all of this is borrowed language. We are trying to express the sublime nature of the Eternal One in words and actions.

Our worship services sometimes lean more liturgical and contemplative; other times our throats hurt from belting out gospel tunes. But we always preach the Word of God. We assemble around the Lord’s Table as one body, we confess the sin that holds our affections, and we realize the longings of our heart to be more. We witness the conviction that all things will fade but the eternal love of God endures. We leave each Sunday prepared to be the people of God in the world around us.