We are focused on the grace and work of Jesus Christ.

LaSalle Street Church recognizes that Jesus Christ has changed both history and our lives. It’s the risen Jesus whom we worship and serve in every aspect of our church’s life. It’s also the risen Jesus who continues to work in our lives by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

We are committed to bridge building.

LaSalle Street Church seeks to build bridges, both theologically and sociologically. Theologically, we’re an ecumenical evangelical community. That means we are committed to biblical faith and practice, but we seek to bridge diverse Christian traditions. From a sociological perspective, we commit ourselves to demonstrate that reconciliation has taken place in Jesus Christ, so human diversity and division – represented by race, culture, social standing and sex – have been transcended. (Galatians 3: 28Acts 13: 1Ephesians 2: 1 ff)

We are committed to lay ministry.

LaSalle Street Church believes that Christians are the primary means for accomplishing God’s will in the world. Pastors are "to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up" (Ephesians 4: 12). But the New Testament teaches that every member of the Church has his or her part to play in the service of God. Without exception, all have a ministry.

We are on an inward and outward journey.

LaSalle Street Church is on an inward journey which calls us to prayer, worship, healing and listening. It calls us to reflection, understanding and growth. The outward journey calls us to be kingdom people, serving in God's world. Because of that, we’re a servant church – encouraging service individually and institutionally as modeled by the life and ministry of Jesus.

We are committed to our turf.

LaSalle Street Church has a responsibility to the neighborhood surrounding us. Thus, we seek to pastor and particularly serve our immediate neighbors. While many of our members and leaders call other neighborhoods home, we come together to serve side by side every single week.

We are committed to the poor.

The Son of God came preaching and living a message of hope and liberation to the poor. We believe that a major focus of our ministry must be with and for those whom society has exiled. More than 400 passages of scripture, from the Pentateuch to the Prophets to the Gospels, direct us to preach the gospel to the poor, work to relieve their suffering, tell others about their misery and seek to change structures that are oppressive and bring about reconciliation. We believe we serve under the shadow of a reconciling Cross, as ambassadors of Christ we accept his call to be mediators between the powerful & the poor in our city, nation and world.

We pursue holistic ministry.

LaSalle Street Church understands our mission is to bring the whole gospel to the whole person – both body and spirit. Jesus’ ministry reflects just such a holistic commitment: He healed the sick, fed the spirit and challenged the mind, recognizing that God created the whole human being and called that creation good. Also, Jesus challenged his Disciples to bring bring about both individual change and societal change, a mission that LaSalle Street Church embraces today.

We affirm the gospel by:

We are a relational church.

LaSalle Street Church understands salvation primarily in terms of a new relationship with Christ and His Church that needs to be nourished and grown. We want to serve people who lead complex lives filled with ambiguities, contradictions and conflicting priorities – people thirsting for simplicity, peace and direction. We hope to provide the building blocks for LaSallers to tie those parts together through the inner authority of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We recognize men and women in leadership together.

The work of Jesus was revolutionary in its recognition of the human dignity of women. The Book of Acts records the leadership that was provided by both men and women in the spread and advance of the Gospel. The New Testament celebrates the anointing power of the Holy Spirit on all followers of Jesus, regardless of gender. LaSalle is a place where men and women serve equally and equitably in the work of God’s kingdom.